Monday, March 13, 2017

SPLASHELEC - First joystick and servo assist controls with feel for sailboats

Sailing is one of the sport anybody can do : children, adults, elderly, disabled people !

At SPLASHELEC, we believe that everybody should be able to go on a sailboat and be a captain for a day.

Therefore, we develop a system which makes sailing so much easier, it's just like a video game on water. You can use joysticks with servo assit controls to steer the boat. Our system is so precise, it allows you to do some better ajustments than with your hands.

If your disability doesn't allow you to use your hands, we can change the control system by something else than joysticks, we can for instance use sip and puff or chin stick.

The best thing with our system is that you can feel the helm in your hands, you can control both sheets and helm with one or two joysticks, as you prefer.

Our servo assist sytem is reliable and can be installed on any sailing boat. So far, we installed it on single keelboat on a miniJi (same kind of boat as the 2.4 mR), we installed it on a trimaran on which you can put a wheelchair and therefore, the disabled person is able to take control of the helm. We also installed it on a 9 meter boat. We can adapt our system to any boat, with or with autopilot.

It's great for sailability and it's great for people who want to go sailing together regardless of the age, the disability. We can all sail together and make regatta :-)

For information and to watch videos of our system, visit :

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