Thursday, August 03, 2017

mini_SPLASH by SPLASHELEC : a boat designed for all !

At SPLASHELEC, we think that sailing should be accessible to everyone, we think that sailing should be easier. Therefore we decided to use technology to make sailing more fun and more accessible.

We developp a system based on joystick which enable you to take the control of the entire boat : the sheets and the rudder. Sailing is now as simple as playing a video game.

To show how simple and how fun it was, we imagine a sailing boat that will awaken the desire for sailing to all king of people. We design a project called mini_SPLASH.

The mini_SPLASH is now almost ready to sail and at SPLASHELEC, we are proud to show you the first picture of the manificent sailboat :

And now, you should try it to see how easy it is to steer it with the joystick :-)

Does this boat remind you of any other famous sailing boat ?

An indice : Vendée Globe ;-)